An Interview with Eduardo Galeano

Through the Looking Glass: Q & A with Eduardo Galeano

by Parul Sehgal, trans. from the Spanish by Mark Fried — Publishers Weekly, 4/27/2009

In Mirrors: Stories of Almost Everyone, Uruguayan writer Galeano presents miniature narratives of creation myths and current events from all over the world.

What inspired this particular project?

For years it was growing inside me. Little by little, I came to accept the challenge of recounting the history of the world in 600 short stories. An old Pedro Infante tune helped me out, the one that says the world can’t be that big if it fits into five letters. I am not motivated by pedagogical desires. I simply wanted to celebrate the glow of the terrestrial rainbow, which is much more colorful than the celestial one.

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An Interview with Charlotte Roche

The Feminine Mystique

by Parul Sehgal — Publishers Weekly, 2/16/2009


In her German-bestselling debut, Wetlands, German television presenter turned novelist Charlotte Roche courts controversy with the very private, very peculiar sexual and grooming habits of her 18-year-old protagonist, Helen Memel.

Is anything taboo to you?

It’s a psychological trick I play with myself. For example, I have very small breasts. I have never felt like a real woman and, I think, men love me, but what they would really love is to have a woman with bigger tits. So I always talk about my small tits. Everything that I’m afraid of or embarrassed about, I shout out so that people won’t talk to me about it. I want to be in control of my own complexes. That’s probably why this book exists.

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