By Blood

Parul Sehgal, New York Times Book Review, Feb. 24, 2012 Pythagoras said the world was made of numbers; Democritus insisted upon atoms; Empedocles, four primordial elements — fire, air, water, earth. But Plato loved triangles. In his schema, matter was made up of triangles in kaleidoscopic configurations, triangles themselves divisible into tinier triangles. Triangles begatContinue reading “By Blood”

Lacan at the Scene

By Henry Bond. MIT Press, $24.95 Parul Sehgal, Time Out New York / Issue 738 : Nov 19–25, 2009 It seems insufficient to judge photographer Henry Bond’s Lacan at the Scene as being merely good or bad, when what it is, really, is audacious. Bond presents 79 forensic photographs of British crime scenes from theContinue reading “Lacan at the Scene”