‘Citizen’ by Claudia Rankine

By Parul Sehgal, Bookforum, Dec/Jan 2015 Claudia Rankine’s Citizen is an anatomy of American racism in the new millennium, a slender, musical book that arrives with the force of a thunderclap. It’s a sequel of sorts to Don’t Let Me Be Lonely (2004), sharing its subtitle (An American Lyric) and ambidextrous approach: Both books combineContinue reading “‘Citizen’ by Claudia Rankine”

Beautiful Monsters: A review of The Art of Cruelty

Bookforum, Summer 2o11 Take an apartment. Trash it thoroughly. Strip. Smear yourself with blood, bind your wrists, and bend over a table. Wait for your friends to discover your “corpse.” Too much? Take a city sidewalk. Take a bucket of “blood.” Splatter. Hide. Look at people looking at the “blood.” How much is too much?Continue reading “Beautiful Monsters: A review of The Art of Cruelty”