The Art of Choosing

By Sheena Iyengar. Twelve, $25.99

Parul Sehgal, Time Out New York / Issue 755 : Mar 18–24, 2010

Sheena Iyengar’s mediations on the complex psychological mechanisms behind even our humblest choices makes for busy, nourishing and occasionally bland reading. Her book, as she points out, should be especially relevant to Americans, who, from childhood on, insist on choice, the more the better. The ability to make our own decisions is crucial to our sense of well being: studies reveal that it isn’t the CEO who’s likely to have a stress-related illness or heart attack—it’s the assistant. The less control we have (or perceive ourselves as having) in the workplace, the increased incidences of back pain, mental illness, high blood pressure and sick days.

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