An Interview with Charlotte Roche

The Feminine Mystique

by Parul Sehgal — Publishers Weekly, 2/16/2009


In her German-bestselling debut, Wetlands, German television presenter turned novelist Charlotte Roche courts controversy with the very private, very peculiar sexual and grooming habits of her 18-year-old protagonist, Helen Memel.

Is anything taboo to you?

It’s a psychological trick I play with myself. For example, I have very small breasts. I have never felt like a real woman and, I think, men love me, but what they would really love is to have a woman with bigger tits. So I always talk about my small tits. Everything that I’m afraid of or embarrassed about, I shout out so that people won’t talk to me about it. I want to be in control of my own complexes. That’s probably why this book exists.

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