Unmastered: A Book on Desire Most Difficult to Tell


By Parul Sehgal, Slate, June 7, 2013

Angel asks the same questions we always ask about desire: Why do I like what I like? Am I wrong to like what I like? and Why is it so hard to ask these questions anyway? But she poses them stylishly. The book edges forward in fragments—aphorisms, accusations, snatches of pillow talk. On every page, a riddle or two. On every page, an eel of text.

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3 thoughts on “Unmastered: A Book on Desire Most Difficult to Tell

  1. I bought this book after reading your review and it has been such a blessing. It has inspired me to tell my story which has been dormant for so long. I thank you for reminded me that yes, I am not the only one. Thank you.

  2. Reblogged this on Mags Loves Jimi and commented:
    “We have no dominion over desire. It’s our ancient, aristocratic master, like hunger or sleep. It sings in our bones and stains our clothes and conspires to make us look ridiculous. Perhaps that is why every new book on desire—and there is always a new book on desire—seems so brave. Every one, an attempt to put into language what is essentially hostile to language and resists interpretation. ” – Parul Sehgal

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